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Why we do what we do

Mis à jour : 18 mai 2020

Story of how our kasa kso was born to this world

As you can see on the label of the jar in this photo, it was a long way. It still is a long way to go but we made it till here.

We are happy to announce you that our website is ready and the e-shop as well.

kasa kso started with Daphnée asking me if I knew something JAPANESE, something we can feel the nature.

Mother of two beautiful girls, Daphnée's been an entrepreuneur for all her life and it's been a while that she's doing her blog "The Greenchills"

She talks about the lifestyle in harmony with nature, but she had been seeking and wanting to do something herself.

I also wanted to do something that would make my soul happy.

I remembered when I was an attachée de presse in Japan, it was our big mission and passion to find some rare pastries or drink to welcome journalists and stylists. I found this koso syrup and I am completely fascinated by its beauty and savor ever since.

It's good for your immunity and beautiful to just look at.

I made one for Daphnee and she also fell in love.

She inspired me with her passion about plants so we matched and kasa kso was born.

Our kso is more than just a sirop that is full of enzyme and good for your immunity. It is a ritual to nurture yourself mindfully, make you feel closer to nature and enrich your lifestyle. It is a self care = self love!

In modern living, it's so hard that we easily lose our sense of who we are, what we love, when we feel joy etc etc.

Coming from Japanese art of living, "tema-hima" = "Taking a lot of time and effort", which may sound like you are wasting time but it makes a whole difference in the details, and it creates unbelievable quality.

Take a moment in your life to drink koso which is good for your body or come make your own with us and connect yourself with nature that can help revive, and re-center, you.

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